Darren and Mia at Paul Katami & Jeff Zarrillo’s wedding (x)



I don’t think anyone has actually posted this, so I am. I just wanted it on my blog because it is beautiful. There are a couple of brief glimpses of Mia and Darren.

Mia Swier watches the cast of Gotham on the zipline at Comic-Con 2014. [x]

mia swier meme: 2 colors [1/2] » pink

Mia Swier interviewing the cast of Gotham at Comic-Con 2014. [x]

MiaVonGlitz: A littttle taste of my epic Comic Con experience, now that the dust has settled ;) Can you Where’s Waldo me?!!! [source]

mia + photobooths


MiaVonGlitz Mia and the Veeve. @theveevees #myheart #misstheseblokes


Mia at Comic Con 2014