mia swier & her vicious hair flips in mmr’s 'gorilla'

Mad Moon Riot performing a private show (2) [08.2014]

Mad Moon Riot performing a private show. (08.2014)

Mia Swier of Mad Moon Riot performing at a private show. (08.2014)





Men can do this shit all the time and everyone thinks it’s badass but I really think it makes so much more sense when women do it.  It makes a fucking REAL POINT when women do it.  When men do it they’re just being little shits thinking it makes them look cool.  When women do it, at least the way SHE does it, it’s ACTUALLY rebellious and punk and downright political and saying f-you for actual real reasons. 

In addition, Mia makes it a point in her stage persona to get away with the things men have been doing for forever. Spend five minutes with her and you realize the woman has the dirtiest, raunchiest sense of humor and she lacks a brain-to-mouth filter but on stage? She takes it, condenses it and presents to you a heightened, hyper-version of herself: undiluted, in-your-face, unapologetic.

The genre of rock n’ roll is, by its very nature, rebellious - it takes a little bit of this, a little bit of that, shakes it all up and emerges as something new yet malleable, unique yet familiar. The persona of Mia Von Glitz is, essentially, the corporeal presentation of rock n’ roll - she literally embodies the genre: a splash of raunch, a dash of visceral rasp, a pinch of unwavering confidence, and a smidgen of subtle vulnerability and you have a woman who owns her body, her mind and gives of herself to her audience, all within the confines of a space the patriarchal forces of society say she shouldn’t inhabit, i.e. the public.

If that doesn’t scream badass then I don’t know what does.