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Some Video News


Hello all you sexy MMR-heads,

In an unavoidable turn of events, Carlos Lopez Estrada has had to pull out of our upcoming video shoot.  We were really excited about working with such a great director, and being only two weeks away from the start of production all preparation was almost done.  However, we received an email from Carlos on Sunday 6th July informing us that he was unable to continue with the project, and whilst we are all absolutely gutted, he has done what he has to do and we will be moving on.

We have thought through all options and have decided that, at this late stage of the game, rather than rush the process by trying to get a new director for the shoot on such short notice, we will put the Indiegogo video on hold for a small amount of time.

But despair not! Because of this, and because all of you lovely people so generously donated to our Indiegogo campaign, we are able to shoot an additional video.  Enter our boy Rocco Guarino to save the day! You may remember you all made the big man’s Twitter crash with the overwhelming response to the Running On Empty vid he shot for us….so once again RG will be sitting in the director’s chair for MMR.

Also, due to the extra funds that were donated on Indiegogo, we’re excited to announce that we were able to head back into the recording studio to cut two more tracks that will not appear on the album. One of these, a cover, will be given the aforementioned video treatment by Rocco, and the other, which you may recognize, will get a behind the scenes/in the studio video too. Watch out for a piano solo, acoustic guitars, fretless basses, and who the hell gave Ru a banjo…….?!!

Both of these two songs and the first single off the album will then be released as an EP available for FREE download, yes once again that price is FREE (!), but with a pay-what-you-want option as well. Any donations that anyone would like to make will all go to a charity close to our hearts that we will announce shortly. Recording for these tracks has almost been completed, and we will be able to start shooting the cover video in August as well as getting the new re-worked tune studio vid out before then.

Of course, none of these events will affect the perks/rewards you have paid for, and we are working our arses off to get everything to you as soon as possible.

We appreciate your patience with this.

Once we have the new director for the video confirmed we shall announce it, and trust us she/he will be a biggun!

 - MMR



Hellloooooo, everyone! So, back at the end of 2013 I made a very sparse follow forever that had like ten blogs listed on it, and so this second time around I have made a much more extensive list. Note: if I missed anyone, I am really really sorry; I made this in a hurry! I love everyone I follow, always remember that :) [Mutuals in bold]



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Yes. Two different boots today. Sometimes I surprise myself at how much of an asshole I am. #tired.


This is a drawing that Darren Criss JUST received through my great friends Georgia and Annika at G4. He said ” Who are those handsome people? ” :D

So my dream came true. <3 I’m the luckiest human being on the planet, honestly <3 So grateful


Mia and I go to prom :P


ME AND THE QUEEN!! I love this woman! :D


oh yeah, i also drew mia.


Guns N’ Hoses at the Stone Pony 7/14/12


Guns N’ Hoses at the Stone Pony 7/14/12