Dress Like Mia: Swimsuit Edition


mirror floral cupped swimsuit

little mistress cutout swimsuit 

tribal print swimsuit

southwestern swimsuit -PS

global girl ikat swimsuit -PS

zebra print swimsuit

red polka dot print swimsuit -PS

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Engraved Teardrop Hand Chain - $20.00

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Dress Like Mia : LuLu’s Edition


red/orange romper

center stage neon lace romper

drifting moonlight ivory lace maxi skirt

east meets southwest print maxi skirt

blank NYC spray on skinny jeans 

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Plus Size Studded Denim Vest - $20.96

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Anonymous asked:
I've been following you for a while, even though I've never really been a fan of Mia, I've always blacklisted her name. But sometimes you talk about her without tagging her full name, so I see those. You always talk so wonderfully about her. I've always heard she wasn't a very nice person. How do you know she's actually a good person? Have you met her?


I, unfortunately, have never had the opportunity to meet her. My opinion that she is as wonderful as she seems is strictly from what I’ve seen of her in videos, tweets etc and also from fan experiences. Any time I’ve read of someone meeting her, they only have good things to say. She’s always willing to take pictures with fans and to chat with them if she has a moment. I have a friend, who is not on tumblr, but she has had the opportunity to meet her twice. Once at Darren’s concert last year and a couple weeks ago at a MMR concert. And my very dear friend, Johnna, met her at the same concert. Both had great experiences and enjoyed being able to meet her.

Mia gets a lot of hate. From fans of all ages. They tweet her horrible, degrading things. And yet, Mia chooses to ignore it and be above it. She doesn’t let it get her down, she doesn’t choose to believe what they say about her. I’ve seen her tweet fans and encourage them when they’re feeling down. She’s very gracious to her fans. Some have come together to make her these amazing books and she always thanks them and mentions keeping them on display in her living room.

Some other things that make her pretty amazing. Girl’s got talent! Her voice is gorgeous and she is currently the lead singer of Mad Moon Riot. If you haven’t listened to them, you can do so here! (They even have a free download of their EP!) She has been part of a couple of successful bands, including Shoot the Freak, and my personal favorite, Guns N Hoses, where she played bass and, along with Charlene Kaye and others, sang covers of Guns N Roses songs.

She’s also a successful producer. When she was in NY she worked for Showtime where she produced their promotional content. She worked on Dexter, Californication, Shameless and more! Now she lives in LA and works for Fox. She’s part of the Fox Special Ops team and is responsible for a lot of the bts videos we’ve gotten this season of the Glee cast. But I know she’s also worked on Bones, The Mindy Project and other’s promotional videos.

She’s beautiful, funny, intelligent. What more could you ask for?

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"My boyfriend likes to call me “country heart, city mouth”.”

"I was with my partner in crime

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Emilio Pucci - Shoot the Freak @ Public Assembly:

So, I could only find one place that was selling this after searching the internet for multiple hours this morning. It’s a swimsuit cover up from the Emilio Pucci for Formfit Rogers line from the 60s-70s. Crazy expensive, as it is 1) Pucci designer, and 2) vintage:

Vintage Emilio Pucci Medium Blue & Green Long Swimsuit Coverup - $750.00

I’ll continue to look for this weekly, as it could potentially be listed by other sellers later.

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