Glee Filming photos - May 1st, 2014

Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, Kristen Schaal and Mia Swier in the crowd between takes.

*feel free to edit the photos as you like, as I didn’t have time. But please don’t be a douche, and please remember to link back. Thanks.


"But in reality, he’s the coolest one."

"I’ve been with my same girl for a long time, who I love very much."

"My boyfriend likes to call me “country heart, city mouth”.”

"I was with my partner in crime.”

”[…] to my love, and to the world’s greatest man.”

But in reality, he’s the coolest one. #buzzfeedshmuzzfeed


mia swier meme: 4 hairstyles [1/4] » ponytail


Someone asked if I was going to write up my experience with having MMR perform at my birthday party and I wasn’t going to, but if anyone is actually interested, here it is.

I’m not going into any specifics of private conversations I had with anyone and they specifically asked not to post videos and certain pictures, so please respect those boundaries :)

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@MiaVonGlitz: But in reality, he’s the coolest one. #buzzfeedshmuzzfeed

feesha724: Thank you @MiaVonGlitz for an awesome day. You charmed the pants off Nana lol I’m pretty sure she’s ready to adopt